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We have been looking for a replacement for Barcode Pro for a while. The software was expensive, is old and hasn't been updated for quite a while, and now the company is gone.

I did some testing with various products and landed on Barcode Maker from iWinSoft. On Friday, I bought license for 25 users-20 for Mac and five for pc. They sent me a single registration number for the 20 Mac copies. I ran before and after installation (drag to applications, then launch and register) snapshots with Composer. I made a DMG installer, but whenever I launch Barcode Maker on a target machine, I get a request for a serial number. Composer isn't snagging the files I need for registration.

I emailed iWinSoft asking them for assistance registering to product (by guiding me to a license file or procedure) and their response was:

"Dear Kevin,
Thank you for using our software!
Sorry, We can't provide this."

Wow. How helpful can you be? If I was looking to steal it or distribute it without paying for it, I would have bought one seat, not 25… but hey, they did use an exclamation point when they thanked me!

Is anyone else using this software? Have you successfully been able to push it to your users, licensed?

I don't really want recommendations to buy something else. This software works well at what it does and I have already bought it. I just need to figure out how to get the license information rolled into an installer…


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Have you been able to identify the licensing file within your Composer package?

When I'm not sure I usually look for the most likely suspects (.plist files). I'll move those to the Desktop of my test machine, launch and verify whether I'm asked for the license. I then move it back and verify I'm no longer being asked for the license.

I've run into a handful of applications that actually create the license file within the current user's home folder rather than a location that's accessible by every user of the machine. Deployment for that is easily handled by Casper's FUT and FEU feature.

I've also run into one or two applications that actually munge hardware information into the license file making it impossible to package on one machine and deploy to another. I just have to deal with these manually.

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They may be placing the file somewhere stupid that is in Composer's default exclusion list. You could kill everything out of Composer's exclusion list, re-install and serialize and try it again to see what comes up.