Removable Mac Addresses - necessary in v9?

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With the move from Mac address to UDID, is it still necessary to add newly purchases ethernet adapter mac addresses into the removable mac addresses section of JSS? Any benefit?

Searched and asked support.. still looking for an answer.



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This is from page 348 of admin guide...

"Adding removable MAC addresses to the JAMF Software Server (JSS) ensures that the JSS ignores certain MAC addresses. For example, MAC addresses of USB Ethernet dongles are commonly added as removable MAC addresses to prevent the JSS from using them as identifiers for computers."


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I hope not.

We upgraded to 9 just before getting thunderbolt displays. We have 0 removable addresses in out JSS.

All seems ok.

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Seems to me like there wouldn't be a case of "mistaken identity" like you could get in Casper 8, so I'm not sure why it matters (unless you're doing some kind of scoping with MAC addresses).

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Advice from our vendor is that you no longer need to. Like bentoms we've had no dramas enrolling multiple machines with the same dongle.