Rename User account

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Hi All,

I am looking for help and thank you for suggestion in advance.

Currently our Macs are build with a particular username and Password. Since on High Sierra we cannot delete the first created account how do i rename the account and change the Password to give the impression that first created account has been deleted and no longer exists.


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You can hide an account by changing the User ID to a lower one than it is. The default is 501, if you take it down below 500 a bit it will become hidden. You can then also move its home from the /Users folder into the /private/var folder. Now you will have the appearance of no admin account, but it is there and you can log in with it.

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@PaulHazelden Thank you for your response but how do i do that via script ?

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Apple has a handy support KB here that can walk you through the steps you need to do. Just fill in the info with your own pertinent details.