Renew Apple Push Notification Certificate - Can we use new Jamf Nation ID?

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Hi y'all,

So we need to renew our Apple Push Notification Certificate.

Do we need to use the same Jamf Nation ID we used prior?

Or can we create a new Jamf Nation ID, even one which is not related to the old Jamf Nation ID?

Please let me know!



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The short answer is no.  The Apple Push Certificate Portal login is an Apple website, so your Jamf Nation ID will not be recognized.  You'll need to log in using an Apple ID (either personal, or a Managed Apple ID from your org).


If you are RENEWING, you'll need to use the same Apple ID that you used to create the original push cert.  If you use a different Apple ID to create a new cert, your existing devices will need to be re-enrolled.


FWIW, during the renewal process, any Jamf ID can be used to download the .csr when prompted.