Replacing entire fleet of iMacs

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We are a medium sized school district with about 500 computers. We are replacing all of these with new 2017 iMacs that are in DEP.

I am very new to this process, and I would like to find out some general info on this. From my co-workers plan, I have gathered that we would like to be able to enroll these imacs and figure out some sort of scripted naming scheme so that we can swap the iMacs in, and then they would be re-named to the previous naming scheme - Subject-Building-TeacherName

Does anyone have a similar situation? We are running JSS 9.98 and our existing fleet of iMacs are managed.

I believe we plan to create a new OD for these new iMacs to bind to. As for creating a new JSS server I'm not sure yet on that. Any info is appreciated. Thanks for the kind support, I think this community and knowledge base is very valuable.



Are the iMacs on a domain/ AD?
We always wipe and install our own image onto the imacs even if they are new ( these are shared imacs, so no personal settings anyway)
I would wipe/delete the old iMacs out of the system then at the start of the imaging process you just name them what they have to be so no need for them to be renamed.
We do this manually but we get to double check everything and we have to touch the new imacs to start off the imaging process anyway.

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I would look at this post here and see how one guy is using an excel sheet to match serial numbers to his naming convention.