Replicating Distribution Points macOS

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Hi All

Probably and old question but here it goes.
I have 4 Local DP's all hosted macOS, the Master DP is macOS and On-Prem.
Is there a way to automate replication, without having to hit replicate for each DP.

Is there something maybe on Jenkins etc that could do this or may be someone had success with or any other method


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While I don't do this, I don't see why you couldn't run rsync. Here's a good thread

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Not sure about automating the replication, but on a Mac you can always cmd click all of your distribution points and select them all, and then hit the Replicate button. It will then mount them in turn and replicate to them all one at a time. Whilst you go off and have a beverage of choice. Once you get the Replication complete message they are all done. Yes it is still a manual process, but it gets them all done in one go.

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Thanks guys, doing a CMD click is possible and manual, want to be able to know as all the mac minis are in different locations, just knowing it is automated would be brilliant