reported ip address not changing

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I have a mac that's on mifi device for testing. It was connected to our internal internet at first so it has a reported ip address of the internal network. No matter what I do on that mac, reported IP never changes. This is an issue that reported to support and we were told that this is a designed feature! So because of this the mac that's on the mifi, keeps trying to map to local jamf server and download the pkg file that I'm pushing to this machine and it fails.

I ran sudo jamf policy
sudo jamf log
Didn't change the reported ip.
I went even as far as deleting the computer from Jamf and ran sudo jamf removeframework and enrolled the mac via the web link on mifi still and I still got the same reported IP address!!!

Is anyone else running into this issue?



does the machine run a successful recon?

sudo jamf recon

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@Chriskmpruitt Yes it does and it successfully submits the data

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Does "IP Address" (NOT "Reported IP Address") change? Is the IP range in your internal WiFi network similar to what the Mifi gives for IP addresses (i.e. they both give 192.168.*.*)?

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I'm experiencing this issue on one of our MacBook Pros right now. The user had set a static IP for their wifi interface while at home. Since then he's changed it back to DHCP and his proper IP is listed under "IP address", but the "Reported IP address" still remains stuck.

All policies are running fine as well as sudo jamf recon.