Resetting an Admin Password periodically on Local Users

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Hey folks,

We want to reset passwords to admin accounts periodically (on many computers with the same admin username), and for this purpose, thinking of something along the lines of:

  1. Creating an extension attribute that pulls the creation or modification date of a log-file created at /var/log for users.
  2. Creating a smartgroup that includes all users that have a date before today (for an example).
  3. Use a policy that changes the password for these accounts and runs on all computers in the mentioned smartgroup.

Currently, the extension attribute "concept" is:


result=grep ("$(date)" /var/log/passwordresetdate.log)
[[OR stat -c stat -c '%w' MyFileName, but this is currently not working]]

echo "<result>$result</result>"

The end result should be a policy that does this once in X time, and afterwards all the admin users with this username on all designated computers will have a new password. This will keep running on computers until they all have the new password (and due to this I figured we need

Will appreciate any input on how to make this process better, and if it is possible to pull the creation date from a file created (I'll use touch to create the file after the policy runs the password reset using a trigger that will run on another policy) for this purpose!


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I would suggest taking a look at this

We used this (and adapted slightly) to randomize a local admin password on our machines. We previously used the LAPS utility created by Joshua Miller, but since moving away from binding our devices from AD, we had to find a different solution and this fit our needs.

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I will check out LAPS, and would also appreciate possible alternatives. Can anyone recommend a script or a way to use sysadminctl in Catalina and Mojave to reset password X to password Y for an admin user?

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You may also test EasyLAPS. I'm the author of this tool which is designed to regularly rotate the local administrator account password of a Mac and store it in a MDM like Jamf Pro or Jamf School.