REST data service disabled in limited JSS?

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Is the REST data service disabled in a limited JSS? Can a limited JSS work with the JAMF API? In order to retrieve information, the JAMF API URI has to point to a full JSS?

Same question but worded differently :)

If that is the case, how can I go about enabling REST services in a limited JSS and at the same time maintain restriction to the JSS administrator login screen?


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After some looking around, I may have found the answer to my question.

1) REST services is disabled in a limited JSS. API call to a limited JSS will not work.

2) To enable REST services on a limited JSS, open up the server.xml file and make changes to:

<!-- Restlet adapter -->
<param-value> <<<< HERE

<servlet-name>restController</servlet-name> <<<< AND HERE

An alternative way is to compare your limited JSS server.xml to a full JSS server.xml

Open up the files and do a search for 'REST' then compare the 'REST' related parts and change the limited JSS server.xml to reflect the full JSS server.xml

Hope I don't get an email full of exclamation and question marks from my account manager on this.