Restricted Applications in 9 Beta

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Hello all,

We put up a post a while ago about how the restricted software does not work on something that is renamed and for some reason does not catch the process name at all. (Confirmed by JAMF before it is questioned like it was before...) Was looking to see if anyone that has the beta can see if this is a fixed issue or not? Might be a deciding factor in upgrading earlier than we planned on as we applied for the Beta Program.



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I wouldn't be surprised if the beta program is like Fight Club. "1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB".

In Mac tearms, it would also be like the Apple Developer agreement where you are only allowed to discuss unreleased software on the developer forums, not in public. Hopefully JAMF will provide those who are in the beta program with an optional sub-forum category to post questions/comments.

- Justin

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They're called NDAs for a reason :)

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No-one is allowed to comment in the public forum regarding the Casper Suite 9 beta program. NDA.
If you really want to know, just sign up with the beta program. Contact your JAMF account rep or look under your account settings here at JN to see if you can request in.

Edit: Ah, I missed that you stated you already did request to be in the beta program. I would say wait until you're in then.

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Sorry guys, wasn't aware it was under an NDA. I looked on the Beta Enrollment page before I posted about it to see if that was the case too...didn't see any info referring to that.

Been under plenty of those so no worries, I understand.

EDIT: To the first comment, yeah there should definitely be a beta section of the discussion for this (for those that have been approved). When involved with Betas that have NDAs that is usually how it ends up. :)

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How about a Beta forum section with controlled access to folks who are willing to volunteer to test?

Some of us thrive on bleeding and taking' tasty than Bacon. :)

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+1 to Don's suggestion.

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Hello all!

To answer your questions, there is a specific discussion area on JAMF Nation for beta-related topics. If you are a member of the beta, please select "My Assets" from the drop-down menu under your name on the upper right of JAMF Nation. Then you can click the "Beta Program" tab and you will see the "Discussions" forum. You can also access the "Beta Discussions" tab from your main JAMF Nation homepage if you are enrolled in the program.

For those who are not yet in the beta program, if you are a current customer you will also see the "Beta Program" tab under "My Assets" and there is a button there for you to request enrollment. We are currently going through these requests and if you are approved for the program you will receive an email once you are set to complete enrollment.

We do ask that you do not discuss the beta software on JAMF Nation except for under the Beta Discussions section as well as keeping those discussions off of any public forum.

Thank you!

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@nicky Awesome, thanks!