Restricting software sites

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We have a number of "Sites" managed by local technical support staff, but unfortunately have been unable to provide them with full access to software deployment since there does not appear to be the way to restrict software packes to Sites. How are other organizations dealing with this?


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To be honest I hadn't noticed before. Packages on their own can't do any damage, policies etc are where it really matters.

Could be worth posting it as a feature request though.

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We would like to allow the technical staff to create their own policies and deploy software packages. However, the current security would allow them to push any software package in the JSS. It seems like this would cause serious software compliance issues.

Not sure what you meant by "Packages on their own can't do any damage". I'll definitely open another feature request. I am really surprised this isn't a deal breaker for most other organizations.

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We usually vet/upload packages provided by lines of business (LOB) techs.

It would be great to have JSS append metadata to each package, to fall under a specific "Site".

PS, would be helpful to post your thoughts on the JSS 10 thread (JAMF are monitoring):

Will JSS 10 finally bring us easy patch management?