Resumable Downloads?

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Hey guys,

Can any one explain this feature? I know it only works with HTTP but is this only for self service ? Or could it also work with a casper remote install over HTTP ?

Also what have you guys noticed speed wise with HTTP vs AFP?



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Regular policies and Self Service initiated ones, yes. Not sure about Casper Remote though. Since I think a Casper Remote session is partially dependent on the administrative system that initiated it, I'm unclear if a resumable download would apply. For example, start a remote session installing a large package and try quitting Casper Remote. It will complain at you that you can't shut it down until the current session completes. If you do I think it closes down the process on the other end. Again though, not truly clear on that one, so its an interesting question.

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Thanks for the reply!

Has any one seen this work yet ?

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Has any one seen this work?

Tried it with self service and remote with disconnecting the client and both were a no go. Maybe I have to do or set something ?

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AFP/SMB are typically faster... but with http you get resumable downloads, and no shares potentially showing up on the Desktop while the files are copied... I can't speak to Casper Remote as I rarely use it...

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Last gig we exclusively used HTTPS due to remote and frequently disconnecting workforce. Worked a treat.

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Jared, or anyone for that matter, did you host your shares on a Windows 2008 Server running IIS by chance? I haven't turned back on HTTP downloads because, despite setting all the MIME types needed, it has been really inconsistent. Wondered what others were using with near perfect success. In most cases I'd see a policy error come through and it basically said it could not find the specified package, but if you copy and pasted the package URL it downloaded fine. I also use HTTPS requiring authentication.

I'm fairly certain it's not MIME types at this point, and just flakiness.

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2008 R2, IIS 7 (despite my frequent complaints about it)

Never saw 404s once the MIME types were sorted.

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Jared, so you are saying it was working for you using HTTPS? So for example if a vpn user was installing something through self service or I was installing something with casper remote. If the persons computer was disconnected it would reconnect and resume the download? I am thinking that casper remote would sit and wait for the re connection of the client machine. We are hosing on a 10.8 server box using HTTP downloads.

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We are on Windows Server 2008 R2 and IIS7 with HTTPS authentication and it's working perfectly.
They are virtual servers with direct attached (LUN) storage and I would recommend IIS7 for anyone without any hesitation. Once you get it configured correctly it will be rock solid.
Here is the steps we've taken to get it configured properly;

I haven't tested on Casper Remote but if it happens during a policy run, policy will fail if the network connection is lost but if we run the policy again the file download will continue from where it left off in the previous attempt.
I think if it is a cached install you'll see the big benefit of it.