Retina Support

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Dear JAMF, please update your apps to support Retina displays.

Okay, thanks!!

Much love, my bleeding eyes


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Guys. Seriously. 2 years. Please upgrade your suite to support Retina graphics.

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what needs updated? they work fine for me on retina the worlds not highest resolution displays but we have to keep this marketing term active

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What needs updated? Casper Admin looks like shite...I was surprised myself that it hasn't been updated for it.

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While this is certainly a first world problem, I don't really see why they shouldn't get updated. We're talking about some graphics and icons, not implementing some crazy complex feature. JAMF has a stable of designers on staff that create the graphics for their apps, so why not update them accordingly? Its probably a matter of a day or two of work to do this.
Presentation does matter believe it or not.