RHEL 6 & 7 JSS


Im about to standup our JSS instances on RHEL systems and our linux engineers would like to know what filesystem is needed. Can the JSS install be moved to /opt and the application size. I've search many of the linux install docs but can not find this information. Can you all please provide information on what configs your RHEL systems are using ?


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We are on RHEL7 for both the JSS and our MySQL servers. We use the standard install locations for the JSS, and a custom location for the MySQL DB.

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I'm using RHEL 7 server to run our JSS clustered instance in a vCenter setup. They are all setup with XFS root file systems with the JSS installed to the default directory (/usr/local/jss). The root FS is only 15GB and that leaves ~6GB free at worst so far as MySQL backups are stored on a network share (MySQL also hosted on a separate server).


I can't speak to moving the /usr/local/jss directory, but I can say we typically install services to a non-standard location (/foo). For JSS, we symlink /foo/jss to /usr/local/jss prior to install. This way the JSS install directory is actually /foo/jss but any hardcoded paths and upgrades work without issues.

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If hosting the D/B... The standard install and Database location is. /var/lib/mysql

We've left this 'as is' and all good.