Ristricted Software - mail.app pop-up ristricted message at first login after macOS Catalina upgrade

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Dear All,

Did anyone of you faced similer issue with ristricted software mail.app after macOS Catalina upgrade?

after macOS Catalina upgrade and at first login mail.app ristricted message appear.
I'm finding difficulty in understanding what excatly causing this issue and what servies are running in background? Any suggestions or clues are higly appricated.

Thank you :)


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Same issue here. Ever find a fix?

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Never seen that. When you saw Restricted software I understant you are talking about the one built in JAMF correct?
If so, have you checked if you have any entry there scoped to your devices that would restrict mail.app? If it was the case and youbdisabled it but the system still blocks it, run a “sudo jamf manage” to force the machine to get the new settings.

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I see that with the Messages app. But haven’t found a way to suppress.

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So the issue I've noticed isn't the blocked mail.app, the Restricted Software works as expected. It blocks mail.app from starting, which is expected and working properly. The issue is that mail.app is attempting to start at all... not that it's being blocked.