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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Bulk upload restricted software

Not sure if anyone has requested this. Is there a way to bulk upload all the apps that we want to be restricted? It would be a nice feature request if not already requested.  View more

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macOS 12 - macOS Monterey

Apple just announced macOS Monterey (macOS 12) earlier today. Make sure to block the beta installer for everyone except your testing machines. Restrict the following process: Install macOS Monterey Beta.app  View more

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Un-Restrict Big Sur Installer

When Big Sur came out, I used Restricted Software to restrict and delete the Big Sur Installer when it was attempted to run. Now I am removing that restriction on certain test computers by adding them to the Exclusions list under Scope. Unfortunately...  View more

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Migrate to App Store through MDM only

My scenario includes developers that installed Xcode prior to my standup of Jamf in this environment I need to prevent end-users from logging into the App Store and purchasing/downloading apps under their own IDs Is the only way to move to this model...  View more

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Can Apps be back-fed to JAMF?

I just pulled a report to show all of the apps that we have in JAMF for the school administrators so we can start a clean up. I'm going through the list and I'm finding all types of apps that shouldn't be on school devices! There are only a couple of...  View more

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Mac Mail Audit Question

Hello everyone. We are gauging whether or not to restrict access to the Stock mail app in MacOS. My curiosity is if there is a way to audit if users have accounts set up in their mail app. I know I can see who has it installed smart list, but I'd lik...  View more

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Application-Restriction not working in Big Sur

Hi, we have a pretty conservative configuration profile to only allow the user to launch apps from defined paths (for example "/Applications"). This works fine in macOS Catalina but now I have our first M1-Mac (wich comes with Big Sur) and it ignores...  View more

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How to Restrict Big Sur

Add the process name of big sur and a message is optional here is a screenshot hope this helps anyone that needs it! Restricted software  View more

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Blocking OS Notifications

Hi Folks, I have seen a lot of posts about blocking the App Store and so forth. I am looking for a sure fire way to disable the red badge and notification for OS updates. We manage the deployment of these updates and too often, a user will try to upd...  View more

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We are not ready... Big Sur

I was looking to see how other admins are handling the impending Big Sur update. Though most of my testing has been positive I still have a few apps that need some polishing. With that said what are the recommended methods for preventing Big Sur from...  View more

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Uninstalling Adobe 2019 Apps

Hey guys, I'm having some issues removing the Adobe 2019 apps from Mojave (10.14.6) systems. We've used the uninstall packages from the Adobe Enterprise Console. I've tested them and they seem to work locally on clean machine but whenever I try to in...  View more

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Jamf and dbRAS (java)

Hi everyone, im very new to jamf and currently looking for a solution to start up dbRAS on Mac systems, without admin permissions. Is there a way to set it into full admin permissions? The problem seems to be java, which is called by DBras.  View more

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How much do you use the restricted software policies?

One of the tasks i've been given as of late is to restrict the installation of software that we've been seeing in the environment, such as some torrent downloader apps, games, etc etc. Currently our environment is a bit of a wild west, so I think our...  View more

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Restrict App Access by Accounts

Hello, Is there anyway I can restrict applications in IOS by the Apple account it is tied to in Jamf Pro? For ex, on one account the phone can access Facebook while on another they can't.  View more

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Block macOS Public Beta Access Utility

Some of our users have admin access on their systems. What's the best way to block macOSPublicBetaAccessUtility.pkg? I can't block it under restrictions as a process. That would be the installer process ... Any input on ensuring beta profiles are not...  View more

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Font management

Our company is looking to use the Monotype's Mosaic to deploy and manage fonts that we purchase going forward. I'm wondering if it's possible to disable all other means for our users to install fonts on their Mac so that they are only able to use Mos...  View more

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macOS Catalinaをサンプルとして使用しています。内容を変更して他のOSでも運用できます。 注意:・テスト環境で動作確認をして下さい。・環境に合わせて内容を変更して下さい。・ぜひ意見交換をして下さい。・MacOS catalinaを例としています。・異なるOSを禁止されたい場合、禁止されたいOSのプロセス名を入力して下さい。 1)禁止したいOSを制限付きソフトウェアに追加。表示名:(分かり易い)表示名を設定。プロセス名:Install macOS Catalina「プロセスを強制終了」...  View more

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Script to Uninstall Zoom

This community has been helpful for me in setting up Jamf in our small 40 person company, so I wanted to give back with a script you may find helpful. With the recent security and privacy issues around Zoom, our organization decided to ban Zoom from ...  View more

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Blocking Users from 10.15.4

I would like stop users from upgrading to 10.15.4 due to these warning messages coming up for legacy system extensions. Currently users are admins on there laptops and we don't have a separate Software Update Server. What's the best way for to do thi...  View more

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Setup App Installation Not Allowed

Hello everybody, I would like to set up Jamf Pro to prevent employees from installing apps. Only those from the self services are allowed. I have already deactivated the App Store, but not the Apps from the Internet. Thanks for your help  View more

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Does anyone know how to whitelist DropboxMacUpdate? I have my current Allowed Foldersbelow but I keep getting these popups. The app apears to be located at ~/Library/Dropbox, but allowing that folder doesn't seem to help. /Applications /Library /Syst...  View more

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Restricting Vuze torrent app

Trying to block the Vuze torrent app on our machines. I have a Restricted Software policy set up however the process id for Vuze is called JavaApplicationStub, a generic Java application process. I can restrict the JavaApplicationStub process and is ...  View more

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