ROOT Folder Disappearing???


I've downloaded the Manual Installer for JAMF Pro 10 to test it out in my Dev env. However, when I replace the ROOT and ROOT.war files with the new ROOT.war and startup Tomcat, the ROOT folder appears for a couple of seconds and then it's gone.

I know that it's stated that it can take some time for the ROOT.war to unpack, but I've never noticed this behavior before. I'm letting it sit right now waiting to see if it ever suddenly returns, but wanted to see if anyone else has seen/is seeing this.

This is on a Windows VM by the way.


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Sounds like there could be an issue with Tomcat deploying the war file. Can you check the catalina.out for any errors?

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@rigualj is probably right on...when I deploy ROOT.war to our cluster running Windows, I usually make a backup ahead of time of the entire Tomcat installation. Then when actually deploying, I remove the ROOT folder and ROOT.war from the web apps folder. I bump Tomcat to make sure its on and then I put the new ROOT.war file back in web apps. I've seen times where the .war file doesn't full "explode" as they say.