Run Script Twice or a Numer of Times in a Policy

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Dear Casper Volks.

As it is possible to add multiple scripts to one policy it seems like it it is not possible to run one and the same script, but with different parameters, in one policy twice. Both scripts will be added to the policy. But the second ones parameters will overridden by the first or gets this parameters. So the script will run twice but with the same parameters. This does´t make sense! Any ideas?



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Just found this today as well.
Definetly a bug in the system and somewhat annoying as using a script after a package install will need a seperate script for each package until this is fixed or seperate policies, either way much more annoying than just passing a different argument to a universal script.

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Guys have you thought about using a trap? This seems like it would do what you are looking for?