Safari 5.1.10 - Cannot Add Jobs to Policies in JSS 9.11

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Safari 5.1.10 is the newest browser available for 10.6.8, and we have a number of support staff that are still using that OS to check inventory and now with the inclusion of Sites, write policies for their machines. When writing a policy, however, we can't seem to save anything apart from the name of the job and who it gets issued to. Trying to add a printer/package/script looks like it succeeds, but as soon as you hit save, it doesn't record the change. Just wanting to confirm that it isn't a problem with our JSS on that browser, and to make JAMF aware if it's not confined to us.

For now, we've loaded them up with new versions of Chrome and Firefox, and that seems to be doing the trick.


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Is 10.6.8 even supported anymore? Firefox works best with JSS (especially when saving reports).



I've found Safari troublesome in general with the JSS. Saving reports, performing different functions, etc. and have moved to Chrome which seems to work pretty well (so far).