Safari and App store using proxy settings

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Hi All
So I am having this issue where I have enforced proxy settings via a Configuration Profile I created in OSX server(for some reason Casper doesnt have this payload). It works fine except when people try and switch networks, Firefox and Chrome seem to try and connect to the proxy and when they cant they directly connect which is good, yet Safari and App store report there is no internet connection at all, it seems to be trying to use the proxy no matter what. Has anyone come across this before/know of a workaround?


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This is early and off the cuff so forgive me if I have dated info that is not el cap compatible or new admin-friendly....

Consider using MCXtoProfile...use the current Safari managed prefs manifest (contained in the binary)...write whatever max controls you want in xml form...convert to a profile using mcxtoprofile...import into Casper as a custom payload.

Here are some links to help with that ...

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Has anyone applied a global http proxy payload on Mac OS and had problems with MacBook Pro (with TouchBar) failing to update and / or App Store failing to authenticate users? A quick tcpdump suggests App Store is trying to connect directly to Apple (ie. 10.xx.xx.xx.55939 > 17.xx.xx.xx.5223) rather than through local secured proxies which have been enforced on the device.

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@jaz have you got any fix for this issue?