Same Policy running more than once

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Hi all,

Has anyone noticed a Policy running twice?

I have a few ongoing policies that are triggered on Login, Logout, Startup, Check-in, Network State Change.

After looking in the client machine's jamf log and the jss policy log, I see that this policy was invoked twice about 15 mins apart. There is no indication, that I can see, which Trigger invoked them but never the less, it ran twice and the payload installed without an issue.

These policies are Scoped to Smart Groups with criterions:

I do realise having a Policy with an Execution Frequency as Ongoing will endlessly run. But these policies are only running twice. As if the Smart Group membership doesn't get purged after the Policy runs the first time even though Update Inventory is part of the Policy.

See attached7b34399c998c435482bd747d8b7c900a

Anyone else?

Thanks in advance,


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I'm not sure, but I would try putting parenthesis around the first two statements in the smart group criteria. I can't work out why that would cause the behavior you are seeing, but it looks off to me.
(App is ADPassMon AND version is X) OR doesn't have ADPassMon
Not sure if this is clear to the smart group without the parenthesis, could be nothing.

Also not sure why the Recon didn't run the second time the policy ran. I'd check the Computer policy log to see if other policies were running at the same time.

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I think this may be the issue.

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Is there a way to have policies NOT run when a specific user is logged in?

I suspect that it the user "adobeinstall" that the jss creates when installing First Run payloads that is triggering these Policies I have. Since it's a hard reboot and recon doesn't run thus the behaviour I am seeing.