Santa Rosa Systems and 10.4.10 in general...

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Hello All,

This is more of a heads up than anything really. If you plan to update your
OS 10.4.X images to be compatible with the new Santa Rosa processor laptops
amd still want the displays on your old laptops to work I recommend NOT
putting on the 2.2Ghz and 2.4Ghz Apple Update named " MacBook Pro Software
Update 1.0" (Download ID: sd14300). This update makes changes to nVidia and
OpenGL drivers and will basically turn your older Mac displays into a
scrambled mess. The patch works fine and will only install on those new Macs
if you allow your schedule Apple Software Update methods deal with it.

If you haven't run into this issue I'd like to know, but I wasn't sure how
soon anyone else may get the new hardware. I figured I'd save someone else
some time.

I've also run into some issues with disk utility and creating images lately.
I thought I had the pattern down, but the last set of tests I ran last night
threw that out the window.

For some reason when creating a disk image with Disk Utility or Composer
(which utilizes Disk Utility) the dock items that I've added into our
built-in admin account are question marks, but they do work. Sometimes this
happens sometimes it doesn''s quite inconsistent at this point. The
user's home is in /var. Wudi said he saw it the other day as well so I know
I'm not losing my mind. If anyone else has run into this or has some
suggestions about what may be causing this please let me know.


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