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Has anyone had issues with making a packing for the latest version of
acrobat. Every time I make one, a user and to use a admin password and
username to launch acrobat.




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Hi Rich,
On 15 Feb 2007, at 00:00, Dagel, Rich wrote: It may not be quite the same as your experiences but we have had huge problems with Adobe Acrobat and our infrastructure. We use network home directories and on launch a user would always be prompted to authenticate. For us it did not matter if the software was delivered by Casper of simply by running the Adobe installer, the results were the same. This lead to us dropping Acrobat from our managed Macs.

Acrobat is poorly designed software...


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Just give the user read write access to the self healing files inside Application Support, that's always fixed the issue for me.


Part of the problem is that a default install is not complete until the
On 2/15/07 9:17 AM, "eric.winkelhake at" <eric.winkelhake at> wrote:
application itself actually runs the first time and tries to add self-heal
files to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat. (Not all of them are
there prior to first launch.) This is when you're being prompted for an
admin name and password. This location shouldn't be writable by Standard
users. Adobe is breaking Apple's rules.

We've found that using some advice from previous postings here (or maybe a
different list?) that the following works for us in Acrobat versions 6.x,
7.x and 8.x.

  1. Install all versions of Acrobat that may need to be packaged but do not
    launch any of them.

  2. For both the Acrobat and Distiller applications for each version,
    right-click the application --> Show Package Contents.

  3. Open the Mac OS folder.

  4. Open all the files with SelfHeal in the name (usually two files for each
    app) with a text editor.

  5. Use Find/Replace to change all "YES" to "NO".

  6. Use Find/Replace to change all "REQUIRED" to "NO".

  7. Save the files.

We've found we can make these modifications either before or after packaging
and get the same desired results. Keep in mind that these changes disable
all Acrobat self-healing, but in my opinion that's a good thing.

-- William M. Smith, Technical Analyst
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I found the fix. Had to change the permission to 777 on the colorsync
folder in the root level library folder. This fixed it!! (after two days
of trying to figure it out)


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Isn't that a little insecure?

We prefer that our users not be able to write to ANYWHERE on the system/root
disk. Depends on your environment though I suppose.


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Just livening this one up again to offer an alternative solution...

In the files

/Applications/Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional/Adobe Acrobat


/Applications/Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional/Acrobat

Comment out the line that refers to the name of the self healing config









This prevents self-healing from running at all, which at our site at least
is preferable...

Hope this helps

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I have also found that it will want to have admin access the first time it
is run because it wants access to the colorsync profiles. I have not taken
to time to hunt down the one that the permissions are wrong on but will do
shortly and report back

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Hmmm... We haven't seen this at all, do you have any custom profiles