screensaver and directory binding

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My issue is that I have a Mountain Lion build that I have deployed to a lab. If authenticate to the machine using Active Directory almost immediately after getting the desktop the machine goes to screensaver and I have to type a password to continue. If I logoff and back on there is no screensaver and this occurs for all new users to the machines and only the first login, subsequent logins no issue. If I create a local user the issue is not there, so I know the "User Template" and thus my image is not the cause, it is somehow being pushed down from JDS. Any ideas would be appreciated. I am running 8.71 and no I am not pushing any MCX, yet, and the only profile info I have is the fact that they are enrolled in MDM.



We have the same issue with our 10.8 AD binding. I tried to figure out what is going on but couldn't find anything. Only solution is to create a Mobile Account but that's not working in our environment . If anyone has a solution for that, would be really nice to know. Thanks in advance!

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Did either of you solve this issue? I just started noticing this.