Security & Privacy Payload -- Submit Diagnostics

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I'm required to implement security on our machines. One item is to disable the submission of Diagnostics to Apple. According to the current Configuration Profile Reference from Apple, this is the allowDiagnosticSubmission Boolean Key in

I created a Configuration Profile with the Security & Privacy payload. I have a number of items on the General Tab that I've selected. Regarding the Privacy tab, no matter if the "Allow sending diagnostic and usage data to Apple, and sharing crash data and statistics with app developers" is checked or unchecked, allowDiagnosticSubmission Key is always set to 1 when I apply the profile to a machine.

To display the value, I use the following command:
/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/system_profiler SPConfigurationProfileDataType | /usr/bin/grep allowDiagnosticSubmission

allowDiagnosticSubmission = 1

If I create a custom profile payload and set the uploaded plist to and push it out with the Security & Privacy privacy payload, or as a separate Profile and run the above system_profiler command, I'll get

allowDiagnosticSubmission = 1
allowDiagnosticSubmission = 0.

Depending upon the order of the profiles pushed out, it may swap the order.

Is my understanding of how this works incorrect?


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Bump on this - the setting in the the Security & Privacy payload does not seem to work properly.