Self Service...Faster response time?

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Hey guys, I am looking for what I can do in a large user environment (5,000+ iOS )to make Self Service load faster on iOS devices. Getting some complaints that its loading way to slow and frankly I would agree with them.

JSS 8.6.1 running on
Main JSS MySQL DB is Dell PowerEdge( 16 cores running at about 12% under max load, 64 GB Ram, 16GB forced dedicated to Tomcat running WIN2K8)
Three JSS web Apps running on a Hyper-V, each 16GB dedicated to tomcat, clustered and all behind Kemp 2200 gigabit load balancer.
Mac Mini Server (Early 2012 Core i7 8GB) sitting in DMZ for external check in and inventory.
Aruba Gigabit AP's wireless to all locations

It is taking me from the time I touch the Self Service app roughly 30 seconds to completly load the Self Service app. Is there anything I can do to decrease this time?

23 or so managed apps scoped via Smart Groups loading when self service starts.

Thanks guys as always in advance!