Self Service is not installing on DEP /Auto-enrolling Macs

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Hey guys, I've got a quick question to see if anyone knows what could be going on.

Every single computer we purchase from Apple or CDW will come in Apple's DEP. They will successfully enroll themselves into Jamf, but when everything is said and done, Self Service is not installed. It seems to be one of the only things it's not doing.

Any ideas? Still pretty new with Jamf.


Edit: Before anyone asks, yes, Self Service is checked off under Computer Management - Computer Framework > Self Service > Install Automatically. :)


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can you do a 'sudo jamf manage' on the client? If not, it likely didn't get enrolled quite right.

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I've had that same issue happen to me too. I've found that they are enrolling, but they are not managed.

To fix this you should be able to click the Mac in question. Under the Inventory Tab > "General" on the side bar > then click edit and add in your administrator account that you manage the Mac with. In my experience this flipped the Mac to managed and then I could run 'sudo jamf policy' and Self Service and other configurations install.


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So what can I do to prevent this? I'm glad there is a fix remotely!

I would like to make this so it doesn't happen again during DEP enrollment.

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I did as you said, but it's telling me "Command not found" when I try to run 'sudo jamf policy'

Also, I'm wondering if I just need to completely remake our prestage enrollment... Wish there was a fix, rather than a remake.

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After remaking the prestage, I still don't have a passive resolution to this issue, and unfortunately Jouwstrab's fix doesn't work. :(

Any other idea's?


@MacKae Did you ever find a fix for this? I'm seeing the same thing. Goes through DEP/PreStage Enrollment just fine, shows up in the JSS as DEP-Serial. Jamf binary/Framework or Self Service isn't installed.

I'm on 10.18.0

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Whoa, not just me, then? I am seeing this, too. Enrollment doesn't error out, the MDM profile is installed and the jamf binary is downloaded, but then nothing happens. If I run a "sudo jamf policy" then the enrollment proceeds normally: management framework is installed, Self Service is installed, etc. If I reboot instead of running a jamf policy, it attempts the same thing but has issues since the network isn't up yet.

It basically needs to be kicked, for some reason. This is on 10.17.1, but we had been on 10.15.1 and saw this, and tried to upgrade to resolve it. This is just our dev environment, we are just now starting to really use DEP. I have a case open that we're working on now with Jamf.

Edit: Now that I look more closely, it sounds like our experience is different since we are getting the jamf binary. The jamf binary is downloaded as a result of an MDM command pushed after enrolling, so if that command can't get to the device, it won't go further.


@jgsims I just saw your question on this post. We are having a similar issue. This happens with User-Initiated Enrollment for us. Self Service does not install. We have tried 'sudo jamf manage', 'sudo jamf policy' and 'sudo jamf recon'. 'sudo jamf recon' hangs on 'Locating hardware information' We are seeing this with macOS 10.15.x on Jamf Pro 10.17.1.

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I discovered what caused the DEP-SN and no jamf binary/selfservice installs on my machines.

I had recently disabled User Initiated Enrolment (relying on only DEP, no need for or QuickAdd). When you do that, DEP/Prestage shits the bed and reports that it needs UIE to be able to enroll devices.

EDIT: I also just went through the DEP/Prestage documentation from JAMF, no mention about this reliance on the other method of enrolment.

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I am finding this same issue happens. In my case i am installing Jamf Connect as part of the pre-stage and I find if i power the machine down at the first JC login screen after enrollment the enrollment never finishes. Its like the enrollment is delayed until JC authenticates a user the first time.


Anyone ever find a solution to this? Seems I just started having this issue with Prestage Enrollments.


We are seeing this issue on M1 Macs, super frustrating when you have a user at home with no Self Service...