Self Service - No software available when user logs in

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OS 10.15.7 (Issue moves to other OS versions)

Symptom: User logs in to self service and none of his software is available.
The issue will travel to other computers. (had him log in to Self Service on my system. Same issue.) If I log in to Self Service on his system I can see all my Apps.

Account is AD based. Software access is tied to AD groups which are set to allow access to software in Jamf.

I feel like his account is borked in the JSS. Was wondering if it is possible to remove and re-add his AD account from the JSS?
Not so easy solution would be to delete and re-create his AD account.



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Have you try to run sudo jamf recon and sudo jamf policy on the mac's terminal? See if the policy updates to populate whatever is in the self-service

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@jnice22 , you may want to test the user account against whatever LDAP server you have configured in Jamf. More than likely it won't return any results for that user. 

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@JustDeWon Thanks for the suggestion. I checked his account in AD and all looks ok but I will see if dscl gives any additional insight.