Separate Home screen and lock screen wallpapers


I want to set up two mobile device groups, one for setting the home screen wallpaper, one for setting the lock screen wallpaper. (different pictures) So I setup one group (Before_Name.png) with one wallpaper for the home screen. When I go to the other group (After_Name.png), it has already set the wallpaper to home screen with the first picture. When I try to change the second group to set the lock screen wallpaper with a different picture, it changes the first Mobile Device Group's automated management to set the lock screen wallpaper instead of keeping the home screen setting.

So in other words, I can't set one smart group to do the lock screen with picA and set another smart group to set the home screen with picB.

Anybody else seeing this. I think it's a bug.829fc896874f4997b36abf400ade3ef3



Nevermind. Apparently, when you clone a mobile device, it links them together in terms of using the automated management feature. So after I created a new, separate, uncloned smart group, it worked like it's supposed. FYI.

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Thanks @cnelson ! This helped me a lot! maybe in the future jamf will incorporate the ability to set separate wallpapers for lock and home screen in the same settings without having to have a separate smart group to accomplish this task.