Seperate apple IDs for Apple Push Certification and

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Peter, and I have a question. I am just setting up Jamf/Apple MDM solution for the first time in my life. Jamf's instructional webinar/video state that you should use a different APPLE ID for the apple push certification, and a different one for apple DEP. Although now it seems like DEP has been overtaken by SCHOOL.APPLE.COM (apple school account). Do i still have to create the cert under a different apple ID? are there benefits/concerns with doing it, versus NOT going with a different apple id and have the CERT and Management under ONE APPLE ID?

Any information is very useful and i will appreciate your help.

Thank You.



I, personally, would not recommend using the same ID. One of the reasons if what if in the future you want to give someone else the right to update the push cert once a year. Do you really want them to have the same ID. Also the DEP ID can be your VPP ID so purchasing can be used with it as well. Once you set it up with DEP and/or VPP it is very difficult to change the ID after the fact.