Set Chrome Homepage that can be modified by user


Has anyone figured out a way to set the Chrome homepage (with RestoreOnStartup and RestoreOnStartupURLs keys) but allow users to change it? I've been through a lot of posts and it seems like no one has a solution.

I thought it would be as simple as pushing a plist to the user’s Preferences folder, but it doesn’t take unless you also delete the user's Chrome ‘Default’ preference folder under ~\Library\Application Support\Google\Chrome. The problem with that is it can remove some preferences set by the user, which we don't want.

I can’t use a profile (because we don’t want to enforce it). Also, I would use a Chrome Initial Preference file for this, but that only works for first-time run and we need it to hit existing Chrome users as well.



I can echo this challenge, and I give up on anything that has to fiddle with the user's home folder now. I just enforce it with a profile and tell the user we can either enforce it or open to all.

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@markopolo Here's the approach I use for this:

  • Create an Extension Attribute that looks for the presence of a file named something like "Exclude from Profile Z" and locate it somewhere out of place (e.a. /Library/Application Support/Your Org Name/)
  • Create a Smart Group whose membership is based on the EA detecting that file on a Mac
  • Create Profile Z with the setting you want. As a Scope Exclusion use the Smart Group you created above
  • Create a Smart Group whose membership indicates Profile Z is installed
  • Create a Policy name "Unlock Setting Z" that available in Self Service that's scoped to the Smart Group indicating Profile Z is installed. Include a Files and Processes payload that will create the "Exclude from Profile Z"  file the EA from the first step above looks (a simple mkdir/touch should do). Include a Maintenance payload to run an inventory after the file is created so that the Smart Group to exclude the Configuration Profile is updated.

Yeah, might have to resort to this even though it's a bit clunky. Thanks for the suggestion!


You should be able to use a Jamf policy with the following to push a recommended Chrome policy that can still be changed by the user:


defaults write <key> <value>


I think I had to change Chrome user profiles before it took effect in a test just now but I'm curious how it would work on a fresh install or after reboot.