Setting Configuration file for plist in Group Containers

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Hi Gang,  am I doing something wrong? I am trying to control a specific preference for Wacom Desktop Center.  The preference is located as seen in the attached photo. Not in User Library>Preferences, but in User Library>Group Containers>>Library>Preferences. I set up a configuration profile in Jamf Pro that looks like the attached 2nd photo, but it is not being enforced. I suspect that this is because the .plist file is not in User Library>Preferences, but within the file path above, but I am not sure how to tweak the configuration file, or if it is something that is just not possible. Any help?


Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 3.49.47 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 3.47.01 PM.png


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@dtmille2 You can't use a Configuration Profile to manage settings in that location, but if the Wacom Desktop Center app following Apple's developer guidelines for reading preferences the settings you're applying to that domain _should_ work.

So you can't use a profile to manage settings there, but in a way you can if the developers are following Apple's guidelines? 

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@dtmille2 Unfortunately the only way to really tell if the developer followed the guidelines is to try a Configuration Profile for the domain you're looking to manage, and see if it overrides/disables the corresponding setting in the UI for the software. Unfortunately there's no guarantee that will work for all preference settings in the domain. GlobalProtect is notorious for not responding to all settings made via  a Configuration Profile.

I guess Wacom as well then. Thank you!


Not sure if this will help, but remove the .plist from the domain name. That's the file extension, which isn't part of the domain.

Thanks, I totally missed that .plist had been copied in there.  I removed it but it does not appear to have changed the behavior.  I'll count this preference as unmanageable for now and deal with it another way.