Setting up A Clustered JSS

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Working my way through setting up a Clustered JSS environment. My Main JSS is on our internal VPN running Ubuntu and connected to our consolidated MySQL Server. I have tested, JSS is accessing the database and everything is functioning properly.

Now, I am building an external instance of the Web Server running Ubuntu as well. I have run apt-get update, installed Java, and MySQL Server. I Stopped here. I am stuck. Should I create another jamfsoftware database and user on this external instance then run the linux installer for the JSS. Afterwards, access the External JSS and enable clustering. I intend to Cluster this to the internal JSS and also make it limited access. Where should the Load balancer sit. I am hoping someone has completed a similar setup before. My network folks are not much help here.


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No the second node in the cluster just needs the jss installed.

When the installer askes for the database settings you enter the settings from the first or master JSS node.

Once set up is complete you then go and set up the cluster options in the JSS on the master and add all nodes to the cluster.

Your load balancer sits before the clustered JSS's and should load balance between the nodes.

If your load balancer does SSL then get it to load balance to the nodes on port 9006 which is HTTP and not 8443 which is HTTPS. This allows you balancer to take the SSL load off of the JSS cluster nodes and is less complex to set up.

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Yes Lotusshaney is correct except the HTTP port. As Sahne is having JSS on linux servers, HTTP port is 8080.

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Should all cluster instances show the same details on the clustering page of the JSS? On my master it only shows localhost marked as the master, on the other node it shows itself and the master correctly.


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I was wondering if this setup works with SSO.

I want to be able to have my machines check in with a different enrollment URL and have my management console SSO enabled.

Thanks for any feedback