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Hi All, Is it possible using DSCL or dseditgrouo to edit group membership in AD from the Mac ? My AD account has the rights I need but when I try it just says failed to make changed. Anyone done it ?
Anyone know how to get the Mac App Store to check and install updates via the CLI ? Want to schedule checks for an Autopkg server rather than have to manually check and install updates
Hi All, Does anyone know of a way to capture the name of the user who is running Casper Imaging so I can add it into a log ? Thanks
I noted a few users getting errors. Data comes down from iCloud but won't send. Users get something like this ...Underlying error: NSCFError: Domain : apple.mme Code : 9 Desc : Content MD5 from client did not match that from vendor UserInfo: { NSDesc...
Hi All, Just to note that under 10.9 there appears to be no LaunchD item for Xprotect Update. The updates are delivered via SUS so as long as your using Reposado or Apples SUS and they have the 10.9 sucatalog then you can ignore the updates forever. ...