Setup Your Mac (1.11.0) via swiftDialog (2.2)

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Setup Your Mac (1.11.0) leverages several new features of swiftDialog (2.2)


New Features in SYM 1.11.0

  • Updates for swiftDialog 2.2
    • Required selectitems
    • New activate command to bring swiftDialog to the front
    • Display Configurations as radio buttons
  • Report on RSR version (if applicable) Pull Request No. 50 thanks @drtaru!)
  • Specify a Configuration as Parameter 11 (Pull Request No. 59; thanks big bunches, @drtaru!. Addresses Issue No. 58; thanks for the idea, @nunoidev!)
  • Configuration Names and Descriptions as variables (Pull Request No. 60; great idea! thanks, @theadamcraig!)
  • Consolidated Jamf Pro-related webHookMessage variables; Set “Additional Comments” to “None” when there aren’t any failures

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