Shared ipads failed logins

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my district just recent rolled out a 2 to 1 iPad program, and with every technology change there are teething issues but my latest headache is with user logins. it seems random but when students go to log in, the iPad will take the password spin for a few minutes and then say login failed please try again later. if i go into school manager and reset the password it works fine and I'm even able to reset the password to what the student used before... from a quick google search I'm not the only one with this issue but i have not seen any resolutions, so any of you have any insight to this.


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I am having the same issue with shared iPads and logins. If I reset the password, it does work, but may or may not work with the next login. I have no other insights, however. I would love to hear from anyone that has figured out any resolution to this issue.

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well i finally talked to apple about this, their response after looking at the accounts was that when school manager pulled the information from out SIS some of the students had the information pull in the wrong order. this is causing the login failures. the only fix they had was to delete the accounts from school manager and have them recreated. i have not done this yet since i really don't have time this time of year.

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We have had some students with the same issue, but they way we resolved it was to view the shared iPad users for that device and force remove them. After that they were able to sign in with no problem. It acted like the profile never completely populated on the device initially.

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We find this too but with so many students and nobody there sitting behind ASM 24/7 it's impossible to keep removing them.

There is no rhyme or reason this happens and it keeps happening :(


Our district went pretty far down the rabbit hole with shared iPads. This might be occurring because of the shared system works. Let's say you allow 3 students to log into the iPad. This will partition the device to allow 3 users to login. Each user will have the same amount of storage space on the device. Now when the first users logs in it uses up one of the partitioned spaces to save the data locally. It is supposed to be syncing any iCloud data in real time as you use the device. When the user logs out this sync is supposed to continue. When the next user logs in the same thing happens and also with the third user.

Now that 3 users have signed into the iPad all of the local storage is taken up. If a fourth user attempts to login the iPad does a check of the oldest user to see if they have synced any iCloud data. If the iPad still needs to sync data the fourth user will get denied a login. When you remove users from the device it frees those up those spots. We found the syncing of users to be extremely unreliable and we were having to remove users on the regular so new ones could login.

What we found to work was if there are enough devices in the room have students always use the same device. Cached users should be able to login to the iPads without issues. We also found that some teachers were resetting students passwords in preparation of them logging in. Which was causing issues with teachers who were already using them.

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We get this issue quite a lot. The only fix I've found is to reset the users password.


Since, I am new to Jamf, I should refrain from posting anything... however, having worked with Airwatch mdm all last year, and now moving to Jamf... we had a similar issue with logins taking upwards of 2, 3, 10 minutes on Shared iPads..and no login at all!. When I did a ping of the device, you could see that the device would disconnect from the wifi for long periods of, no pings....

We use fortinet for our wifi and after calling them, they adjusted something in the wifi, and I can't remember at this point what that was, but this problem almost went away for good. We do have the odd login trouble, but before that was rampant. For them it was a 'check mark' to add or remove something. Wish my memory was better.

iPads are so dependant on Wifi, I would not sell any iPads to any organization unless their wifi is the top 2 or 3 brands in the world..