Sharing an instructor station's screen

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Hi Folks,

We have a need to share or cast an instructor's Mac workstation's screen to a visually impaired student's Mac. As it is, the instructor station is projecting, but the student cannot see the screen well. We are thinking of casting the instructor screen to the student's computer so they could blow up the screen as need to follow around.

Yes, we could use Jamf Remote to grab the instructor station, but not nearly as effective as the student being able to follow along and zoom in when needed.

Any of you have a solution you are doing?


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Did you make a test with Apple Remote Desktop ?

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We have LanSchool installed in two specialty labs. Teachers seem to like it while I don't have to worry about giving them ARD.


Net Support School?

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I will second Apple Remote's a first party product with VPP discounts if you need it in multiple labs and can do many other things for you including let you teachers control a screen, observe a screen, share a screen or if you give them permission do such things as install a file or run a UNIX command, but you do have control of doing something like that. I have about 25 labs here and offer it as a service to our teaching staff.

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Thank you all for the great suggestions. I was tempted to try using ARD. When testing with ARD, I am getting some issues that I opened a ticket with Apple on. While I can control a Mac, the Mac is showing up in light blue, which usually means I don't have the correct user name or password setup for this specific Mac.

However, all of the observe/control functions work on this Mac. So I am asking Apple why this is happening? We have the correct information.

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We also use ARD and also have issues with it, although it might just as likely be on our end as ARD's fault. One thing that we have found is that sending a Wake command before doing the "real" work you want to get done tends to improve the reliability. I recently emailed with our Apple SE about how much love ARD was getting from Engineering, but he couldn't answer that (I didn't really expect an answer, just wanted to pass it along that there are still people out here using it).

What I'd really like to do is convert it into an iOS app, but I don't think that is going to be too likely... heh.