Shortcut to SMB path without Kerberos / Ask to Auth When User Clicks

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We're not using kerberos so leveraging some of the scripts I've found in Jamf nation won't work without prompting user for a password.

Ultimately we're trying to just have a shortcut to a smb path present on the user's desktop- when they open it should then prompt for password. I'd like to do it this way as the share is universal to all employees however I know not many people use it so when they do need to access it, it's available just need to plug in credentials.

I've attempted making an alias then dropping in composer but the path is just read as mount/share. Is this possible? Perhaps I'm going about this the wrong way.


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I've done something similar using AppleScript. Once written and confirmed working I then packaged it as a .app and then deployed it to a users desktop. When they launched it it would then attempt to connect to the smb share and then prompt for credentials.

    mount volume "smb://"
end try

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