Showbie and PDF Expert removed from iPad

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I have a student that has been having issues with PDF Expert and Showbie being automatically removed from his iPad.

We have managed apple ids. He enrolled his iPad incorrectly when the school year started. I now have him logged into his iPad with the correct apple id. After PDF Expert is automatically installed from the JSS, it is removed after a certain period of time.

I can see the Remove command in the screenshot below that shows the JSS removing PDF Expert. I cannot find any Remove command for Showbie, however.

Is this behavior normal if his initial email used to enroll the ipad does not match his MAID?

Any help is appreciated.



How do you have these policies scoped? Just came out the other side of a similar situation. It was a nightmare.

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We had a similar case. As @csm0004 mentioned, double (or triple) check the scopes of those apps, and check the smart groups and static groups the device may be in. Also check the consistency of criteria for those device groups - because of LDAP and JSS issues, we had our users lose their position information, which in return made the apps go away, as the apps are scoped to smart device groups, that are based on position information (graduation year - grade level).