Shrink Base Image

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I have followed the instructions on how to create a minimal base image:
But my Mavericks.dmg created with Composer is 23GB. I even used monolingual to delete the language packs first. Where is this "hidden" data? When I look at the install - it only takes up 13GB of the drive (which is still huge!)

Any ideas?


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I have no idea how that could be happening, I captured a DMG with Composer that was <7GB in size (basically a fresh OS install with nothing added, I don't even think I booted it). Does Composer automatically ignore the sleepimage and swapfiles stored in /var/vm if you haven't already deleted them?

I use AutoDMG now, I highly recommend it.

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Is that machine under management? Could it have cached down some of the installer packages or something like that?

I would also have to highly recommend using AutoDMG. It gives you a DMG that you can use within Casper just like Composer, but it has never been booted, so it doesn't contain any of the bloat.

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Check out the following articles here on the Nation:


Remove as many items from the drive as you can that you are not going to use. And make sure to delete the contents of /var/vm