Shut down button disappearing.


I have an annoying issue with configuration profiles that I can't resolve on my own.

I am actively trying to move away from MCXs into configuration profiles and one of the few Finder settings I'd like to manage and enforce is that servers are mounted on the desktop.

The problem is that if I have a configuration profile that is set to enforce this, either on a user level or a computer level the: "shut down" button in the apple menu disappears.

At first I thought it had something to do with the login window, so I consolidated all my settings there into one profile and that worked well but when I set up the single configuration profile with the Finder settings the button disappeared. Unfortunately my users need to be able to shut down their machines from time to time.

Have you heard about this issue or do you have any idea on how I could resolve it without having to revet back to MCXs.

I could just deploy a .plist with the settings in FUT at imaging though..


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I have seen that in the past. It was related to the Login Window Payload from configuration profiles. I since upgraded to JSS 9.6 and rebuilt the Configuration Profile with a new Login window payload. The Shutdown button reappeared.

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+1 on @mojo21221 response. I've seen this spawning random ByHost files and marred finder.plist files since early 9 releases. Actually, I had far worse issues initially!


I have to agree with @mojo21221. I have noticed that with any major release of both Casper and OS X, its best to rebuild that profile in particular. Likely its due to small background API changes that are not always visible to us in the foreground. Also, MCX class anything tends to leave a "residue" behind, if you need more info let me know and I can pass a script or two your way to deal with such issues.