Silent install of Catalina, how to correctly finish the install....


Hello all,

Looking for some advice on how to complete installs. e.g..... silent install of Catalina is performed, and after the reboot you need to login to complete the install (I assume I'm not the only one seeing this) and that takes about an additional 10mins. Is there a way to do the complete install / upgrade without having to login to complete?



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Is FileVault enabled? If so, you do need to unlock the disk before the install can complete.

You may also be able to do an authenticated reboot as well, but I don't know your process so I am unsure if that is a viable alternative.

FV is not enabled. The process is simply.... 

1.) Policy downloads the installer to a /private/var location

2.) Script runs 

Install\ macOS\ --agreetolicense --nointeraction


Then unfortunately, I'm out of ideas. Sorry!

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Unfortunately there is configuration that has to happen post login. The closest you can get to fully automating it is agree to license and no interaction which does not remove the post login part. Your best bet here is to submit a feature request to Apple to add that functionality to the "startosinstall" binary.

You already have this, but just putting it here for reference. 


/Applications/Install macOS Big’ --agreetolicense --nointeraction --forcequitapps