Silently Install Firefox Extension?

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I am trying to silently install the extension to disable Private Mode browsing in Firefox. I've seen several old web pages on how to copy the extension to the /Library/Application Support/Mozilla/ folder. However, now Firefox prompts the user about whether they want to install that extension. We don't want the students to choose whether to disable the Private Mode. Guess which one they'll choose. :)

Sadly, we didn't have this in place when we originally pushed out Firefox. I just created an EA to collect information about users Firefox profiles, and see what I was expecting. Most people have the profile that we pushed out as part of the initial Firefox install. However, some people don't have that, and some people have multiple. So I can't just manually force a change in the profile since they aren't all the same.

Am I just SOL at this point? Is there some other way to disable Private Mode browsing in Firefox?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.



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Have you tried using CCK Wizard yet? If not you should, as you can customize Firefox and load plugins and restrict sites, etc.

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You can also set any preference inside the Application itself.

If you go to about:config in Firefox you can list and search all the preferences.

Once configured it should just be a case of adding:

lockPref("browser.privatebrowsing.autostart", "true");

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Also check out Mike's website -

He's the author of CCK and CCK2 and the website is a goldmine for configuring Firefox.

Hope that helps


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I have made Silently Install Firefox Extension and also for Google Chrome Extension.


Xen Blaise,

Where do I find "Silently Install Firefox Extension" ?




I’ve been having some difficulty configuring Firefox ESR 31 on OS X for a set of default extensions, myself. I used to be able to do this in ESR 17 with the CCK extension. My goal is to install, enable, and enforce a set of extensions for both new and existing users/profiles.

I have tried various methods, including CCK2, but none of them have produced the desired results so far. CCK2 (current as of this writing) only seems to install extensions with new profiles — and not existing profiles — but it at least enables them silently. If I could get the "/Applications/” method to automatically enable the extensions for existing profiles, that would probably be the closest to my needs.

If anyone has a reliable method of installing and enabling extensions with Firefox 31 with new and existing users/profiles, I’d love to hear about it.