Simple and easy way to bind to AD during imaging

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I know there are several different ways to bind to AD during imaging. What is the best and easiest way to setup an automated system? Any help would be appreciated. I am a complete newby.


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Through Casper.
Click on Settings gear in top right corner
Computer Management
Directory Bindings
Create a new binding and save

Then in Casper Admin when you create a new imaging config you can add that Binding to the imaging configuration. It'll do binding on first boot.

If you run into problems, then take Casper out of the equation and make sure you can do it through the GUI (Directory Utility) first. If that works then move on to using dsconfigad (do a "man dsconfigad" to look at the options available in Terminal). If that works then try again with Casper and if doesn't work contact your JAMF buddy or post back here.

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I use the Casper built-in function. Instead of adding the binding to the configuration, I put it in a policy with a custom trigger. I then use a payload free package with the custom trigger to make sure the binding occurs at the correct time in the imaging process. Works great!

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We use the built in binding described by @bpavlov we add it to the Casper configuration which works fine.

In some cases we run an extra script with dsconfigad for pass intervals and other settings but only if it's needed.

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We do the same as what @bpavlov & @davidacland have advised.

My imaging workflow is blogged here, with the AD binding part of the postflight policy.

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Thank you everyone with the quick responses. Im going to try what @bpavlov said. Ill let you all know what turns up.