Slow installing apps on loaded/reloaded iPads

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Is anyone seeing this message: "Pending - Application is not available to install" in the Command list after an iPad is loaded/reloaded? It switches to a regular installed app message (i.e. Install App - MyChart Bedside [AutoInstall] 9.2) after 5-15 minutes, but this delay does not appear normal.

Running JSS 10.18.0 and network/firewall is set up per Apple/JAMF docu.



@rafjam ,
I had a similar issue last week. I then noticed that I only had 100 copies of a particular app and it was scoped to more than 200. To solve that issue, I bought some more licenses of that app. Luckily, this app was free...

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I wish it were that simple...licensing numbers are good.

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@rafjam This is normal for a newly enrolled device. There are no app licenses assigned at first, and it takes the VPP license agent a few minutes to assign, then the app will install.

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Experiencing something similar but only on a couple of ipads - apps are grayed out in wait mode and when tapped it says the application is unavailable to install - but it is all setup properly inside jamf. I have submitted a help request but only hear from them once a day in an email - which is not efficient nor effective. I answer one or two questions, they wait a day before responding and ask one more... vicious cycle.