Slow logins

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Recently imaged imac (mid 2007) and (mid 2011).
I have a problem with the recon not occurring during the image process. When image is complete I can log on as admin and the OS X Lion 10.7.4 logs in immediately.
After I run recon, (having manually added casper admin and ssh details (see other thread)), I found log on taking up to 5 minutes. If network is unplugged then it only takes a minute.
I have students and teachers back next week who will be very disappointed when the class takes more than 5 minutes to log on.


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We had some slow login issues, but mainly with Active Directory accounts, so that's a separate issue. But something else I've found is that having a lot of MCX associated with a given account and/or machine, as well as login hooks (i.e. recon, scripts, or packages via policy), can slow down login. Do you have MCX set for this account/machine and/or any login hooks that could be affecting login speed?

These things might make sense since the problems occurred after you ran recon (i.e. after the machine became managed). But, still, I'm not sure MCX or login hooks would explain 5 whole minutes, but thought I'd mention it anyhow...

Am interested to hear what you find out!

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I have removed most of the MCX to try it and it does reduce it a little. The thing is that log on under Snow Leopard where not an issue. The MCX had not changed. Although I suspect that if things are done slightly differently in Lion then this could be part of the problem.