Smart Configurations and partitions.

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We've got a base Mac image that we use for all our machines. However, We have two images, one with Windows as a VM, and one with Windows as a separate partition. So the only difference between them is Parallels, and a Winclone file.

What's the easiest way to set this up through configurations in Casper Admin? I had a Parent Configuration with all the similar software, and then two smart configurations with the differing software, which would work, but Smart Configurations don't allow additional partitions, so the Windows in a partition smart configuration won't work.

Is there a way Casper Admin can do this, or should I put in a feature request?



Have just come across a similar issue, whereby the pre-stage imaging using a Smart Config doesn't 'see' the partitioning specified in the parent config.

We partition all our Macs to give the users a place to store their data that isn't on the boot partition, so less chance of losing files if the machine has to be re-imaged.

I would put in a feature request Joeseph, in the meantime, I think 2 separate Parent Configurations are going to be the way around this.