smart group for devices that have upgraded to Big Sur

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Any one have suggestions on how to create a smart group for devices that have been upgraded to Big Sur? I have had problems with Sophos after a Big Sur upgrade and removing and reinstalling seems to fix the issue. However I don't want to reinstall Sophos on new devices that have Big Sur. Reinstalling on new devices is a un-attended consequence of using a a smart group that is scoped to macSO version 11 or greater.


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@burdett Are you saying you do want to install on devices that came with Big Sur, but not ones that were upgraded from an earlier version of macOS? You could create a Smart Group with the Criteria: Packages Installed By Operator: has Value: and also check that the OS is in the range of Big Sur (since the package receipt isn't a guarantee the upgrade completed) to see what Macs have been upgraded. It may also pick up Macs that came with Big Sur and were then upgraded to a newer version which might not be what you want.

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I only want to scope devices that have upgraded to Big Sur. I'll try Packages Installed By Operator: has Value: and see if that works. Thanks @sdagley

Most user are upgrading through a policy. Some, are doing this on their own.

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@burdett how are you doing your upgrades? if your upgrading via a policy your could just add a post script to use a custom trigger to install sophos. That could be scoped to big sur only, and have no other triggers.

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might sound super simple but I just made a smart group with the criteria Operating System Version > 11.0.0
As i have policy to check the OS on boot machines will be put into a Big Sur smart group.