Smart group for macOS 14 Sonoma incompatible devices

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Created this for myself and thought I would share. It should match all devices which will be unsupported by macOS Sonoma upon release. The benefit of matching unsupported instead of the other way around is that it should not need updated when new devices come out. If you need a smart group for supported devices instead then simply swap the operator to "does not match regex."

To use, create a smart group named something like "macOS 14 Sonoma Unsupported Devices" with the following criteria:

Model Identifier matches regex ^(iMac[1-9],\d|iMac1[0-8],\d|Macmini[1-7],\d|MacPro[1-6],\d|MacBook([1-9]|10),\d|MacBookAir[1-7],\d|MacBookPro[1-9],\d|MacBookPro1[0-4],\d)$




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Thanks! Works for me.

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Thanks! Works as expected.

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Thank you for doing the work for me :).

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Much appreciated - added to a smart group to ensure those old Macs don't get prompts to complete this upgrade when the time comes. 

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Thank you! Super helpful!

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sorry but how to you make the smart group when i create one and copy paste your code into model matches criteria i get non found, am i missing something?

make sure you are using "model identifier" as opposed to "model"

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So in the  smart group criteria value it has to include everything starting from the ^ to the $   ????




Yes, you would include the ^ and $. The ^ indicates the beginning and $ indicates the end which ensures that the regex matches against the entire model identifier. Without them something like "iMac[1-9]" would incorrectly match "iMac10" as well.

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@TrentO   so is your regex mac models for Sonoma the macs not compatible or the same that Apple provides which are compatible?  and we just choose 'does not match regex'?

check this one out i'm using for macOS Venture 13.   Whats the difference with the regex entries in this compared to how you did it in macOS Sonoma 14?



This regex will match all devices not compatible with Sonoma. So if you implement the criteria using "matches regex" you should get a list of devices which cannot run Sonoma. If you use "not matches regex" you should get a list of devices which can run Sonoma.

I prefer to write my regex this way as it doesn't need to be updated each time Apple releases a new device. 

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yes, i like the way you wrote yours vs how others create theirs.  Yours is way better.  No need to worry about new models coming out.    Did you create one for Ventura and Monterey?

for now i using Monterey & Ventura from below link information.  I get the correct results but then you always worry about new mac models when they get released


Unfortunately, I do not have one for Monterey, but here is what I use for Ventura.





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@TrentO  just to make sure, so this Ventura works the same as your Sonoma?


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@TrentOstrange result with the Ventura smart group. I have one MBPRO M2, 2022 showing up in both incompatible and compatible smart groups.  All other MBPRO M2, 2022 correctly in the ventura compatible group

That does sound odd. From what I remember the 2022 MacBook Pro only has one model identifier, so they should all show the same. Did you ever figure it out?

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@trentrI looked at the smart group again yesterday and that one outlier was now just in the compatible Ventura group.

Same results as using the matches regex  with your style and the other style but I like yours better. I kept yours and deleted the other ones.