SMB Question

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Any ideas on why someone (or a group of people in this case) cannot write or modify contents of a share drive with finder or any application but terminal commands work fine? This sharedrive is defined as their "home" network drive and created automatically during onboarding.

If you try to drag and drop a file in finder you get a circle with a line through it, and when you release the mouse it just goes back to your desktop. However, if you use terminal and the MV command it will move the files without any issues. Same goes with touch, or using nano to modify files. The users are supposed to be able to do this with finder, but it has not worked in a few years from what I am understanding.

Users dont get any admin prompts and we are not using sudo in terminal to test. Users can however modify any sub directories within the home drive without issues. I am figuring something is configured wrong with the permissions on the SMB SAN share these home drives are located on. Works fine in Windows but not macOS as to be expected.